Re-Defining Clothes

What if you had a set of tools to enhance moods and balance or integrate different parts of your psyche? What if you could crack the codes to negative life patterns? Sounds like magic, doesn't it? Well, those tools already exist. Just open your wardrobe.

Welcome to Whole Threads!

We work with clothes. But not in the usual way. A conscious development of our identity is also in focus.

When we look at the different garments in our wardrobe from a holistic perspective, they become intricate parts of who we are. The subtle language of colors, patterns and styles tell us something about ourselves. They also influence us on deeper levels.  

With self-knowledge and some tweaking, our wardrobe can turn into a toolbox for growth and wholeness. Once we begin to discover who we really are, they can also help us embody soul qualities.

Our kind of beauty goes beyond the surface and brings depth, personal meaning and increased immaterial value.

A new and sustainable way to



Our collections are not an expression of a designer’s personal taste, nor are they inspired by collective trends. We aim for something more universal and simple enough to be timeless - clothes free of patriarchal values and conforming beauty ideals. Colors, shapes and patterns make an imprint on our consciousness. Knowledge of how, coupled with awareness of psychological development, are woven into our designs.


You need to know yourself to dress in a way that helps you find inner wholeness. Our coaching and courses all offer a path to self-awareness through clothes. They will help you identify different parts of your personality, see what's out of balance and discover deeper qualities.

Our fabric collections will support the process of balancing and integrating different aspects of your being and help you expand.


The system of mass-produced clothes is unsustainable. Our garments are never ready-made. When you know what you want and/or need, you can decide on your own combination of fabric design and garment. We offer a growing library of sewing patterns and fabric designs. If you don’t want to make the garments yourself, a local seamstress can help you.

This is true Slow Fashion.

Our kind of beauty goes beyond the surface...