Our mission

Cultural change. Wholeness. Sustainability.

Whole Threads' mission is to be an agent of change in the world of clothes, to contribute in making the clothing industry sustainable on an outer and inner level, as well as personally and collectively. 


Clothes are intimately connected to culture. As a new paradigm is born our beliefs about, and relationship to clothes, are going through a transformation. And, since cultural

values are the reason why clothes look the way they do, the clothes we wear simply have to change along with our culture. 


The manufacturing of garments is also one of the dirtiest industries in the world (on many levels) so environmental and social issues are forcing us to find new ways.​

These are the three areas we focus on...


Share new ways of looking at, and using, clothes through talks, books, our blog and social media.


Offer coaching and courses to help people use clothes as tools on their journey towards wholeness and Self expression.


Assist the shift to a new clothing paradigm through fabric and garment collections.


Annika Thomas

Designer. Author. Transformational guide.

Annika Thomas, the founder of Whole Threads, calls herself a holistic designer. Her collections, courses, books and blog are the result of her attempts to integrate design, psychology and human evolution.

After graduating from Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, Annika began working as a designer in the fashion world. But in the midst of a promising career as the chief designer of a large international clothing company, she began to seriously question the world of fashion. The bold decision to leave her work marked the beginning of an exciting as well as challenging journey. 


Annika delved into the mystery of human and cultural evolution, explored her own identity in-depth and studied the effects of colors, shapes and surface patterns on the human psyche. All of this led to a deeper understanding of the role of clothes and a total re-evaluation of what it means to be a designer. 


New ways of working gradually unfolded, with a steady focus on interweaving the inner and outer. Eventually she began to teach others how to use colors, patterns  

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and garment styles as tools on their path to inner growth.


Annika's present challenge is to create clothes to help embody the deeper Feminine, denied and demonized for millennia. Clothes that are based on a different set of ideals.