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Annika Thomas

Designer. Author. Speaker. Transformational guide.

Hi! I am the founder of Whole Threads.

In the midst of a promising career as chief designer of a large international clothing company, I began to seriously question the world of fashion. My bold decision to leave was also the beginning of a challenging journey to search for a deeper meaning to clothes and new ways to work with them. This also involved a painful as well as enlightening look at my own identity and clothing habits. (My book Feminine Threads tells the story of that journey.)

For years I studied the effects of colors, shapes and surface patterns on the human psyche, and delved into the mystery of human and cultural evolution. A new way of working gradually unfolded as I began to teach others how to use colors, patterns and garment styles as tools on their path to inner growth. I also wrote several books on these subjects.

As a passionate explorer of new ways, and dedicated co-creator of a conscious and sustainable society...

I welcome you to join me on an exiting and transformational journey of self-discovery!