Our collection of clothes...

doesn't follow the usual ways, with a new load every season. We actually just release one garment at a time. Each style has been worn and evaluated over many years - developed, refined and thoroughly thought through regarding fit, functionality and style. Cut down to the simplest possible, without losing character. No garment is ready-made. They are offered as sewing patterns so you can make it your own creation. To be treasured and cared for. And made to last!


The Simple Shirt

Fitting. Comfortable. Expansive.

This shirt has been a favorite for many years, with its balance between soft curves and straight lines. Its simplicity and beautiful details allows it to stand on its own. In a stunning color. Or a beautiful fabric. It is also simple enough to not interfere with any kind of pattern. And, most of all, there's room to move around without any restriction.

The pattern comes in sizes S - XL

Price: 14 €

See below for more information about our patterns. 

The Simple Shirt - Gallery of images


Our Sewing Patterns


All our sewing patterns are downloadable PDF-files. When your order is placed and paid, you will be redirected to a page where you find the downloadable PDF-files. Follow the instructions 

to print out your pattern.

You will find the sewing instructions in a separate file. There is a specific file with instructions in Swedish. 

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