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our mission

Cultural change. Wholeness. Sustainability.

Whole Thread's mission is to be an agent for change in the world of clothes. We contribute in making it sustainable in every sense of the word, on a collective as well as personal level. 


Clothes are intimately connected to culture. As a new paradigm is being born our beliefs about, and relationship to, clothes are going through a transformation. Since cultural values are the reason why clothes look the way they do, the clothes we wear simply have to change along with the culture. 


The manufacturing of garments is also one of the dirtiest industries in the world, so environmental issues are forcing us to find new ways.

These are the three main areas of our mission...


Present new ways of looking at and using clothes through books, a blog and social media.


Inspire and help people use clothes as tools on their journey towards wholeness and Self expression

through courses.


Assist the shift to a new clothing paradigm through fabric and

garment collections.