Seeing yourself can be difficult and an online course isn't always enough. In a private session your personal horoscope and your existing wardrobe will help us gain insight about your evolutionary journey and where you stand today.


What are your strengths and challenges? Can we detect imbalances? Are you restricting yourself in some area and what is needed to take a step towards transformation and embodiment? I will be your guide in some soul-searching and will help you find ways to strengthen different forces and harmonize your energy by integrating certain colors, patterns and garment styles. 


I call this Soul Styling.


Just as in Feng Shui the elements, and the balancing of yin and yang, is important. Soul Styling is not about changing your style into something totally different. It's about finding colors or patterns that can blend in with, and expand, who you already are. A process of integration and growth. And sometimes small tweaks make big change.

As you reach a state of dynamic inner balance, your unique blend of deeper qualities will become more obvious. When these are expressed through the clothes you wear, you will be aligned with your core identity. Embodied. Authentic.

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