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This first video is an introduction. 

In the second we look at the old as well as the new paradigm and what the shift is about. 

Everything is connected by invisible threads. Eco systems, the stock exchange as well as clothing consumption. Black Friday and melting ice caps.


The clear signals that our climate is changing, and that life forms are dying out, tells us that everything is at stake. But there IS bright hope along with these threats to the future of our planet. There are other, more sustainable ways to live. We might need some clarity as to how, though!


Join me as I sort out some tangled threads.

The new clothing paradigm


The paradigm shift we are in has been at the core of Whole Threads from the beginning. It's the foundation of all that we do. But what does that mean? Will it affect the way we manufacture and relate to clothes? Will clothes actually change and if so, how?


This 3-part video series explains why and how...

The 3rd video focuses on how production, sales, our attitude to clothes, as well as clothing design will change.